Old English sheepdogs since 1984 - The Finnish Kennel Club granted Vuolasvirta-award #449 year 2000
Today is Monday 19.8.2019

Grey Coats kennel

Background: Breeding of Old English sheepdogs (bobtail) since 1988, Breeding of Bichon Frises since 1990 - 2001 last litters , Grey Coats are the last one of the 4 naming suggestions, but describes more truly the Old English sheepdog than my other breed,Bichon Frise , because they remind you of "white cotton balls". Since 1988 when I received the right to run a kennel the prefix "Grey Coats" has suited for both Bobtails and Bichon Frise (if the puppy's fur is all grey or white) We got our first Bobtail in Spring 1984 and then what happened? I totally lost my heart to it and neither the passed years rid me of that strong feeling, nor any other breed will take that place from our dear Bobtail! In 1989 there was an opportunity to get a smaller breed into the family. I had been studying books and visited various dog shows. Out of 3 alternatives I ended up with Bichon Frise, which was supposed to be a happy-minded and sociable dog breed. Only one obstacle occurred: the dog would need continuous trimming. I decided to face it as a challenge.
As breeders, we usually gain 1 litters per year, very seldom 2, including both of our breeds. One of the pros in breeding BFs and Bobtails, is that they get along well inspite of the size difference. In 2019 our kennel had 4 Bobtails and one 2 Coton De Tulear ( from Sweden )
Family background in brief: My name is Ulla Hellman. I'm a nurse and a grandmother of 2 grandchildren. I live in the countryside with my husband Aimo about 17 km from the center of Lappeenranta, Finland. We own a nice, spacious house with a yard where the dogs can run around freely and enjoy a real dogs life. We had no intention whatsoever to start breeding after getting our first Bobtail. Then, when the second Bobtail, a male, came into the family, we carefully considered the idea. Our third Bobtail, a female, came from a Swedish kennel in 1986. Ever since, I have had a strong motivation and ambition for cultivating and breeding Bobtails. Through breeding dogs the breeder has a great opportunity to learn enormously about dogs. This is what makes the job very rewarding. I have had a chance to travel around the world and compete with my own dogs and the ones I have successfully breeded.

This provides a great opportunity to familiarize with colleagues, their techniques, and the overall knowledge for future co-operation. These criteria are a remarkable starting-point for any kind of work. Through my work I have experienced the pros and cons of breeding. The feeling of a success is twice as rewarding after going through few failures. You have to be humble and also persistent. However, there is no such thing as "a perfect dog" and no matter how good you do your job there never will be. Success requires many years of hard work, there is no shortcut to gaining a good reputation as a breeder. The healthy dogs gain you the best reputation, together with the friendships you make with the customers. The word will get around.
Principles in breeding: We run a house kennel where the newborn puppies grow up under careful supervision. "The puppy box" is a peaceful and a safe place for both the mother and the offspring. The objective is to breed as healthy puppies as possible whilst maintaining the higest quality. We Carefully look for homes where the dog is considered as a family member and gets the best possible care and nutrition all its life. Mutual responsibility lies between you and us. We would appreciate it a great deal if you took the dog to shows, although that is completely voluntary. Most of all, we wish you luck and joy with the new family member!

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The Breeder and Grey Coats kennel

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